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DSA Orders
The Company has reviewed its position with regard to the provision of equipment and services through the DSA and after much consideration we have taken the decision to withdraw from the DSA market. With effect from 1st May 2015 we will no longer accept new orders and will advise students to contac...
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Posted: 30/04/2015


MKC Computers Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.       General   

  • The conditions set out below are the only terms on which we do business unless a variation is specifically agreed in writing signed by a director of MKC ComputersLtd ("the company"). If a client or a prospective client wishes to negotiate a variation of the conditions, either generally or in part the request should be made by letter, sent recorded delivery, addressed for the attention of the managing director of the company at its registered office. By not sending such letter the client or prospective client acknowledges that he accepts these conditions and that any standard terms which may appear on any of his stationery shall be of no effect.
  • All goods offered for sale are subject to remaining unsold.
  • If an order is not placed, the client is liable  to reimburse any expenses incurred by the company at the clients request.

2.       Price

  • The company reserves the right to vary the price if the costs of labour, material or other services vary from that at the contract date and in any event orders will be invoiced at the price ruling at the date of dispatch.

3.       Payment

  • Prices quoted are net and are payable before delivery. If requested, and subject to satisfactory credit rating, bank and trade  references, the company may agree that an account can be given. Payments against accounts become due in full not later than fourteen days from invoice date. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the client shall pay the company interest on all accounts at the rate of 3% per month above the current base rate of Barclays Bank Plc from the day that payment was due until payment is made in full.
  • Not with standing any agreement for credit or course of dealing on credit terms the company may at any time and without giving notice or reason revoke such agreement or terms without penalty.
  • The title to all goods sold by the company will remain vested in the company until full payment has been made. At anytime at the company's discretion the company may use its retention of  title to recover goods not paid for in full from a client or a third party. Should the goods not be available the company may claim other goods of  a similar value. On behalf of the company its servants or agents may enter upon the clients premises for the purpose of repossessing the goods or goods to the same value as. If any money  value difference is left after the company has recuperated the amount outstanding the balance  will be returned less costs.
  • Should default be made by the client in paying any sum due under order or contract the company  at its option shall be entitled either to suspend  supplies until default is made good or treat such  default as a repudiation of the contract in which case the client (without prejudice to any right which the company may have to the return of any goods or the payment of any compensation or damages by the client) pay the company reasonable  charges incurred in the course of any part performance of the contract by the company.
  • If the company owes any amount to the client in respect of any purchases whatsoever contra  account transactions will not be accepted.
  • If the client is a limited company or other legal entity claiming limited liability and the client is unable to pay for goods and or services  supplied for any reason whatsoever, including insolvency, the directors or partners shall also  become jointly and severally liable for the debt.

4.       Delivery

  • Delivery terms quoted are subject to confirmation  after order and are at times subject to  unforeseen delays over which we have no control. The company whilst making reasonable effort to comply with the quoted date of delivery shall not
     be liable for any penalty, loss, injury, damage or expenses directly or indirectly consequent upon any delay or failure in delivery or  performance by the company or its agents or  servants from any cause whatsoever nor shall such delay entitle the client to cancel any order,  refuse to accept or repudiate any contract for work to be done.

5.       Exclusion       

  • The company does not hold or warrant any goods or  services as being fit for any particular purpose,  whether made known to the company or not and the client must not rely on the company's skill or judgment in relation to the fitness of goods or  services for any purpose. If the client requires assistance on the fitness of any goods or  services for any purpose he should seek  appropriate professional advice. The company's  staff are not authorized to express any opinion  or make any representation as to the fitness of  any goods or services for any purpose, and any such opinions or representations as may be  expressed by them are not binding on the company.

6.       Liability                                                       

  • The company (subject as herein provided) undertakes to replace, correct or at its option credit the value of all goods or services  supplied which are defective or otherwise not in conformity of contract subject to all of these conditions provided always. The company must be informed in writing of such defective goods or  services and requested to make such replacement or correction or give such credit within 2 weeks  from collection or delivery of the goods or services.
  • The company's liability whether in contract, tort  or otherwise in respect of any goods supplied by   it shall be limited solely to the foregoing, and  in no circumstances does the company accept any  further liability or any injury, damage or  financial loss or for either direct or consequential losses howsoever or whenever  arising. In particular, but without prejudice to   the generality of the foregoing,

7.       Limitation of liability

  • If the company carries out any work at the  request of the client the company's liability for any failure or breach of contract will be limited  to the invoice cost of the work.

8.       Cancellation

  • Orders placed with the company cannot be  canceled except with the company's written consent and on terms which will indemnify the company against any damage or consequential loss.

9.         Nominees

  •   The client shall indemnify the company and any and all of its agents, officers and servants against all costs arising from the provision of  nominee officers, signatories, shareholders etc.

10.   Registered office

  • If the registered office remains at the company's address the provision of a registered office fee  will be charged at the prevailing rate and will include forwarding of post sent to the registered office by Companies House and Inland Revenue departments. Dealing with other matters will incur an additional charge. Default in payment of registered office charges or additional charge will result in withdrawal of the facility without  notice and without liability for the consequences.

11.   Performance of contract

  • In event of the performance of any obligation  accepted by the company being prevented, delayed  or in any way interfered with by either

a.       An act of god, outbreak of war, either general or local riot or other civil commotion, strike, lockout, act or decree of any government or any other act, matter or thing beyond our reasonable control.

b.       Non-delivery or nonperformance by the  company's suppliers or damage, loss or  destruction of the whole or part of the  goods or work, the company may at its option suspend performance or cancel its  obligation under the contract without  liability for any damage or consequential loss resulting there from such suspension  or cancellation being without prejudice  to the company's right to recover all sums owing to it in respect of consignments delivered, or collected and  costs incurred to date.

c.       By any cause beyond the company's  control.

12.   Assignment

  • The contract shall not be assigned by the client to any third party without the prior consent of  the company.

13.   Patents

  • The client is to indemnify the company against any claims whatsoever for damages and or costs against all liability in respect of any  infringement of trade mark, patent right, copy right or any other intellectual property resulting from compliance with clients instructions express or implied.

14.   Law and jurisdiction

  • Subject to the above conditions the client shall not take legal action against the company.
  • The contract shall be governed by and constructed in all respects in accordance to English law. The client on entering into the contract submits to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • Should any condition or part thereof become unenforceable for any reason whatsoever this shall be without prejudice to the remainder of that condition and all other conditions and part conditions.

The condition headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not effect the construction of these conditions